Monday, June 10, 2019

FYI 4/19/19

Golf Maintenance FYI

·         We will be watching the weather this afternoon as there is gusty winds and rain projected. The golf course will benefit from some additional rain as the weather has been dry and windy over the past couple of days. There appears to be signs of rain in the extended forecast as well that we will be keep an eye on. Jason, Brian and I have been communicating regarding the weather and everything is in place.
·         The golf course was fertilized this week. The fertilizer had a pre-emergent herbicide attached with it that will prevent weeds from germinating in our turf grass for the summer.
·         David Forrey will be working this weekend.
·         Greens were aerified this week with the small pencil tines. It is a labor-intensive practice but extremely beneficial for the health of the greens. This all gets done in front of play over 2-days. Thank you to Jason Miller for helping with Tee Times. 

Hole 2 Aerification ahead of play

·         Greens will be verticut on Tuesday next week and top-dressed and fertilized with a potassium/calcium blend on Wednesday after the Shotgun.
·         Tina Fry and Luis Altuzar enjoyed the 2-day training seminar on our irrigation program this week. David Forrey and I are scheduled for the Advance Training in June to refresh our knowledge.
·         I will be away on Monday attending a Superintendent meeting in Citrus County.
·         I awarded some gift cards this week to Ricardo and Emanuel for their work on the retaining wall at the staging area and one to Roman for his efforts helping me with the irrigation valve last week. They were all extremely thankful for being recognized in this way.
·         Annual flowers will be removed on Monday and replaced with Pentas on Wednesday.
·         Overall, everything continues to look good throughout the community. We look forward to the Wednesday closures starting in May! Golf Maintenance staff are working well, and we currently have no vacancies.

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