Monday, June 10, 2019

FYI 2/14/19

Golf Maintenance FYI

·         The golf course continues to improve with the longer daylight hours and increased temperatures and humidity. The rain yesterday not only impacted golf rounds but also our own maintenance practices. We have been scrambling today to get caught up.
·         A pre-emergent fertilizer application is going out today that will continue to improve turf health and prevent weeds from germinating over the summer.
·         The greens are being verticut and top-dressed today to provide a smooth putting surface and to help dilute organic material build up. Our greens remain in very good condition.
·         The maintenance building project remains on target. The ceramic floors have been installed this week in the bathrooms and breakroom. The LVT flooring for the offices will start Friday and finish next week. Cabinets will be installed next week so that counter tops can be ordered and installed. The preparation and painting of the Chemical room floor started today and will finish next week. Additional Palm trees will be delivered next week to complete the privacy screen between Sago Pointe and Golf Maintenance.
·         Although it rained all day yesterday, with the addition of the new buildings at golf maintenance, our employees were able to stay busy cleaning and detailing equipment under cover for the first time. The new buildings are truly a wonderful new addition as our equipment was protected and our employees remained productive.
·         Fairways and Approaches were sprayed with a liquid fertilizer on Monday to continue to promote new growth.
·         Our tennis and bocce courts were professionally groomed this past week and are in very good condition. I have received several compliments on their condition.
·         As of today, we are now fully staffed at golf maintenance. This is the first time in perhaps 12 months that there have been no vacancies. An interesting fact for you is that collectively, we have 317 days of vacation to be used by our employees within the year. That is almost every day of the year that one employee could be away on vacation. This is largely due to very little turnover of our employees with many of them now working at Copperleaf for over 10 years.
·         Overall, everything continues to look good throughout the community and I am receiving many compliments on the various efforts my staff and department are overseeing from our members.

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